We are a bunch of creative professionals who stand 24/7 ready to share or defend(!) your inspiring corporate story when you push our button. We eat letter cereals –so called ‘Alpha Bites’ – for breakfast, but just like real celebs we demand only P’s and R’s in our milk. The rest of our day we run around with our phone in one hand, our keyboard in the other, making sure your story is heard properly.:


Get some Award-winning PR

Proudly Represents is an award winning PR-company. We’re here to get you there.



Brands & Business Dev.

“Paving the road to your future”, a slick salesman would say. We don’t say that.




Need a little extra knowledge? We can tell you all about the birds and the bees.



What’s in a name you may wonder. To us, our name is our motto. Besides the hidden in plain sight abbreviation of PR in our name as a subliminal message (find all three if you can), our name reflects why we work the way we work. We represent our clients proudly. We believe in them. We create relationships for them and with them. That’s what true PR is about!



We truly believe companies have an interesting story to tell. Besides the interesting story, most of our clients enhance the quality of life of thousands of people, and may even change the world. After all, we work on the verge of high tech. However the message of startups is often not heard due to a too competitive market, or because the story is just simply misunderstood by the media or it’s consumers.

We craft easy to understand and to share messages with respect for journalists’ and bloggers’ needs. We developed our own lean approach to design PR plans and press releases, which leads to effective, practical messages and saves valuable time and effort. But most important,  we turn your story into easily accessible big news.



We always start with the “why?”, because your intrinsic motivation is what distinguishes your company from others. With the help of a brainstorm session with our creative team, we create a compelling message that leads to a PR approach, tailored to your company’s needs.



We start every launch and campaign with a brainstorm, which leads to a plan that includes a media target list. Next, we craft a press release, press kit and/or event to spread whatever news you may have. We guide you from the launch of your product to an announcement or an acquisition, for instance the announcement of a closed funding round, or the continuous follow up on your new developments, partnerships , results and so on.

After having created a clear message, we pitch it to individual media that are actually specialized in reporting on your type of business. We customize your story for that specific media. We do not believe in mass distribution of press releases, we believe in proudly representing your company.

Psst! We might even help you through the dark forest of (digital)marketing, content management and some business development.

Psst!² When things get rough, we provide thorough crisis communication. A service which is 24/7 available. Just press the emergency button and get in touch with our crisis control communication center – Better known as C4.



Need professional assistence for your crisis communication? Get in touch with our Crisis Control Communication Center!


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