Services & Capabilities

Here's a full list of our services & capabilities

Award Winning PR

Proudly Represents is an award winning PR-company. We’re here to get you press.

Content Marketing

We don’t slamdunk your company on the internet, we make you a digital statue.


“Paving the road to your future”, a slick salesman would say. We don’t say that.

Media & PR Workshops

Need a little extra knowledge? We can tell you all about the birds and the bees.

Intelligent PR

We offer you great PR. We don’t fancy ourselves that much, we only fancy you and your story. That’s why we like to showcase your company to our top notch media contacts. We hire the best people to do great things for you and your company. Not just PR, it’s magic.

Media Relations

We strive to build endurable relationships with our clients and our mediarelations. That’s why we keep working on these relationships. Sometimes that means a simple but good coffee at a local coffeehouse. Or it can mean some fancy dinner talking over the next big thing coming up.


We help to get you cracking. Not just by giving you access to our PR secrets, but also by helping your company talk to the press. As in: mediatraining. We have extensive experience in getting you prepped for tv, radio or newspaper interviews. Just ring our bell.

Content & marketing

PR and Marketing, it’s like brother and sister and since we’re one big family we offer you a bit of content marketing too. We can help you set reachable targets, making creative plans and get you shockingly good results. Whether its through blogs, SEO or crafting your whitepapers, we’re bolt/bold enough to do it.

Our Capabilities

Public Relations 100%
Creativity 100%
Branding & Identity 85%
Project Management 90%
(Online) Marketing 80%
Content Marketing 100%

Client testimonials

  • Oprichters Derk Roodhuyzen en Mark van Laar “Proudly Represents helped us with getting our PR pitch straight and gave us a headstart when we launched Fixico. We were blown away by the amount of media coverage. What we liked about that coverage is that it wasn't just the regular tech media, but Proudly Represents dares to cross lines and achieves in a creative way also publications in mainstream media and less common - but highly relevant- trade publications.”
    Derk Roodhuyzen - Fixico