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    About Remco Janssen, the Godfather

    Remco Janssen is widely known in the Dutch startup ecosystem as “the Godfather”. Having helped 50+ startups with mentoring, PR, and business development, he knows startups inside out. With 10 years of experience guiding early stage startups from beta launch to hyper growth phase with public relations, he’s the go-to guy for your launch, investment round, partner announcements, and content marketing.

    Silicon Canals

    Besides being the founder and senior PR consultant at Proudly Represents, Remco Janssen founded Silicon Canals, the largest online startup community in the Netherlands, and he acts as a business angel in his own venture studio Dusdat.


    The image above features Remco Janssen on a canon. That’s exactly what we do not do: shoot with a canon at the media. Image taken by Ohad Gilad, founding partner at investor Keadyn, Angel Academy and 42workspace, and one of our dearest clients.

    To learn more about our vision and why PR is similar to taking XTC, please listen to this podcast (in Dutch, click here).